3 Marias Collection

Past, present and future materialized in unique jewels that appeal to tradition, union and history. Silver plated with gold and silver, geometric and organic shapes, statement jewelry and everyday wear – out-of-date polos that come together in pure harmony in this double launch by the Portuguese jeweler.

Maria – grandmother Maria, friend Maria, granddaughter Maria, the Marias who made History, the Marias who changed ours. It will be difficult to find another name in the Portuguese language that brings together so many meanings, that appeals to so many memories, that is as close to us and as present as Maria. The Hebrew origin that is aware of religious connotations has expanded to a multiplicity of roles and connotations that continue to take on a proper name with each new birth, as a name at the top of the list of most chosen for babies with each passing year. Talking about the Três Marias is also to pay homage to a part of the feminist movement in Portugal – referring to the writers of As Novas Cartas Portuguesas of 1972, Maria Velho da Costa, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Isabel Barreno – and a personal part of the life of the jeweler Raquel Poço – Maria is the name of your grandmother, mother and daughter. Thus, each of the pieces is a piece of history and its name is related to the nickname of the different Marias who, from the arts to politics and science, contributed to a structural change in Portugal.

“I didn’t have a closed plan when I started thinking about and designing this new collection”, explains Raquel Poço. “The name Maria refers to so many different references that have a common point: femininity. This was my starting point, combined with the way I like to create, starting from personal memories and the environment that surrounds me.” As in his debut Wabi Sabi collection, inspired by Japan, the elements of nature are obvious in Três Marias, accompanied by an admittedly imperfect style DNA resulting from the manual production that gives a unique character to each one of the pieces. It is in this way, in a mix of cultural, emotional and fashion references, that Três Marias was born as a multifaceted collection, designed for different audiences, occasions and personal styles. Created with women and their identities as the centerpiece, it gives shape to some key elements of contemporary jewelry, accompanied by timeless allusions and centered on the freedom of choice that each jewel appeals to.

The Collection

With a unique jewelery style, marked by unexpected shapes, multiplicity of textures and intersecting inspirations, Três Marias incorporates a classic aesthetic in reinvented designs and details that appeal to an attentive eye. Simple, organic, rustic, this is a collection that reinforces the designer’s visual identity and asks to be interpreted calmly: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings form a consolidated group message, but it is in the details that each of the pieces comes to life . The design remains minimalist and the use is timeless – with each piece handcrafted in silver and gold-plated silver, the absence of additional elements allows the silhouette of each jewel to stand out while adapting to each consumer and your personal style. Designed as tools to express the personality of those who wear them, Raquel Poço Jewelery jewelry gives space to the personal identity of each woman, serving as a complement to both the look and the personality.

Earrings take on different dimensions, suitable for different purposes, but navigating between everyday life and special occasions. Necklaces with engraved medals allow interaction with other jewelry or solo use, as do bracelets that seem to materialize on the arm in a natural way. The rings are divided between more discreet styles and others with geometric shapes or central elements, and can be styled together or separately. “When I create a piece of jewelry, I don’t have a specific woman in mind – I create them as if they were for me, with all the different references that occupy my mind”, explains the jeweler who is inspired by Portuguese craft techniques – such as pottery, basket weaving and weaving – and a closer look at the world perfected with each new stamp in your passport. “Maybe that’s why the most rewarding feeling – and what I want with my work – is to see someone use my pieces, to know that I’m somehow present in their daily life and that I probably contribute to that person feeling more beautiful or trusting.”

The Campaign

A 100% Portuguese setting follows the nationality of the collection. With aesthetic references that return us to our origins and distance us from the technological distractions of modernity, Três Marias is a manifesto of naturalness, union and communion with nature. Like a breath of fresh air that transports us to a place unaltered by time, traditional Portuguese elements mix with a palette of light tones – from looks to hair and makeup – that leave the spotlight on the new Raquel Poço Jewelery jewelry. Célia Ferreira, Elisa Boto and Mafalda Beirão bring to life the current definition of femininity, with their personalities reflected in each photograph and their respected personal style. In the serene environment of Mafra, which mirrors the same simplicity applied to Raquel Poço’s work, the images appeal to a mindfulness lifestyle, enjoying the small details of the present moment. Photography divided between analog and digital techniques refers to this same duality between past and future and conveys the primordial message of Três Marias: a collective identity created through the individual, respecting ancestry and focused on a future of sharing, hope and community.

Wabi Sabi Collection (わび さび)

Wabi Sabi (わび さび) is a way of celebrating life, originating in Japanese culture, that allows you to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and simplicity and to accept the transient nature of things.

Raquel Poço Jewellery’s first collection was inspired by Japan’s ancient wisdom. Guiding us by ideas of simplicity, the creator presents us with unique jewellery that maintain their essence through unfinished and organic edges, but full of meaning.

Each jewellery piece is handcrafted, resulting in unique and original work, in line with the philosophy of perfect imperfection. For the Wabi Sabi collection, poetic names were chosen, which combine several facets of its ideology and lifestyle.


Photos by Jack and the Lady and António Santos

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