Wabi Sabi Collection

His first collection Wabi Sabi (わびさび) arose from a trip to Japan in 2018 and a desire for these memories to last through time. “When I think of her I think of nature, freedom, the wind and the flowing dresses. Simplicity, elegance, but at the same time sensual. I think about trust. I'm thinking of a collection with pieces that can appeal to both younger and more mature people. Organic and simple pieces that can be used on a daily basis or on special occasions”, describes Raquel. Wabi Sabi is a way of celebrating life, originating in Japanese culture, which invites you to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and simplicity and to accept the transitory nature of things. Each jewel is produced by hand, resulting in a unique and original work, which meets this philosophy of perfect imperfection. For the Wabi Sabi collection, poetic names were chosen, which combine several facets of this ideology and way of being in life.