Raquel Poço Jewelery

Raquel is the face and soul behind the Raquel Poço Jewelery brand. His training is physiotherapy and pilates with equipment. In 2017 she found a passion that dictated a new direction in her life: the art of being able to create her own jewelry. She started a jewelry course as a hobby, but quickly began to dedicate herself to this project that now fulfills her completely.

Her inspiration comes from the beauty she finds in the small details and moments of life, in symbiosis with the nature and culture of the world that surrounds it.

Designer jewelry allows you to realize this desire to know, explore and live more intensely, through the creation of unique and timeless pieces where you deposit your creativity and vision of the world .

Raquel Poço Jewelery pieces are made in 925 silver or 925 silver with 24 carat gold plating. They are certified by the INCM Assay Office (Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda).

raquel poço atelier
raquel poço atelier
raquel poço